Stop praying for patience.

Stop praying for patience.
Photo by Weston MacKinnon / Unsplash
The very thing you need, is the very thing you are.

Today, reset your own presuppositions of who you are as a human being. We often frame our own humanity as evil, fallen from perfection from Eden, when in reality, our default is towards the good. Moreover, our default *is* good. If not, what are you going to believe? And if you believe that about yourself, what are you going to believe about others far more depraved than you?

We are made in the Imago Dei, the image of God, and that doesn't disappear in sin, it's merely buried underneath the biological, psychosocial, and spiritual garbage that surrounds us every single day. Every thought, every choice, every impulse that is against the good, is against your own nature.

Take Charles Whitman.

As Charles Whitman lay on his death bed awaiting execution, having murdered 16 people including his mother, he asked that his brain be studied. He lay in bed tossing, frustrated and confused, certain something was wrong. It turned out that he had a tumour pressing against his amygdala that impeded his decision making. Was Charles at fault? To what degree did the tumour affect his behaviour? If he had no tumour, would he be more culpable than now?

You can extrapolate this phenomenon across the human species. On some level, aren't we all like Charles? Caught within the vortex of irrationality. Hanging between the precise of a faulty mind and a frail body? To me, that's how I conceptualise "sin" now.

To me, sin is any choice, thought, desire, feeling, action, or impulse that is irrational in nature. Our beings are drawn to the rational good, to God, and the antithesis of that is irraioanlity. Charles was irrational. When I hate my brother, I'm being irrational. When you make choice to hurt someone, you are being irrational. Why? Because your nature, being ratified and imprinted by the Imago Dei, is your rational end.

If we were to be restored to a form of perfection, to that end, that perfection would be one of goodness, kindness, and love, which means that WHO you are is not defined by the things outside of the default.

Here's the rub: you are patient, you are kind, you are empathetic.

Stop praying for it.

No, seriously. These aren't virtues instantiated on you; they are living representations of God within you. Only, they are latent within you. I truly believe that. And I must believe that if I'm to believe that people can change and that healing is possible.

One of the most politically incorrect ideas in the Protestant church but seminated throughout the new testament is faith by works. There is a call to consciously take aim at perfection. To surrender to God within, to return to your default. It is irrational to do otherwise. And that, is news of healing.

Your perfection isn't enough to save you, and it's not even your perfection that you're aiming at. You're aiming at God within you. You.

It means that you aren't constrained to that notion of the deficit. That you aren't some piece of garbage descended from Adam, carrying the consequences of his actions till this day.

Whether you are an addict, an abuser, a victim, or a saint, there is hope. You do not have to wait for a miracle or the second coming.

The work of recovery is to recover that self. To steal back the Imago Dei within you, and allow it to refine and define you.