If you're in hell, keep going.

If you're in hell, keep going.
Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash
Healing is hell and wisdom waits in the weirdest of corners.

Today, remember that healing is inextricably connected to the negative. You must go through the pain, the hurt, the strife, of facing your demons and tending to your wounds. No wound ever healed with a crystal or the smoke of sage, not even spiritual wounds.

But when we learn to love ourselves, when we learn to humble ourselves in asking for help, when we learn to listen to our pain and process our past, wounds heal into scars, and scars turn into power. Good vibes and happy smiles are reactions to good experiences and happy days, but healing?

Healing means going through hell in order to burn off all the weight you've been carrying for too long. In the enduring words of Churchhill, "If you find yourself in hell, keep going."

Keep going, my friend.

Depression is Deep Rest

Don't underestimate where wisdom will find you and who may impart it. I've had the privilege to listen and read some of the greatest thinkers, but it was Jim Carrey who so eloquently clarified for me what depression really means for the human being -  in truth, he probably stole it, true to the title of being a creative.

Depression for Jim, is not a banal clinical conception, but a human experience that is calling you deeper.

Depression is the human need for deep rest.

Dep-ression = deep rest.

Whatever the pathology, whether biomedical or psychosocial, depression demands rest. It demands a reset of life type "things" both in the embodied and the unconscious.

This is not to trivialise depression and presuppose that both clinical work and medication don't play important roles, but that undergirding all of those modalities is this cogent need to rest your mind, body, and spirit.

You may feel on the edge of infinity, waiting to fall off into the darkness of despair where depression chains you to your bed. Maybe, the answer is to embrace it rather than push on and pretend it's not there. Not nihilistically, but with the support of a psychologist and loved ones, who can love you and allow you to find the rest you so desperately need.

Rest. Deep rest. That's the call of depression. That through a concerted intention to take pause on your life, you gain the energy, clarity, and time to rebuild and re-centre.