God is Woven Within Everything

God is Woven Within Everything

Humans love deconstructing. It makes things easy to understand and identify problem areas. The inherent problem with deconstruction is that it fails to take into consideration that meaning is so often found in the whole, not the parts. You deconstruct the whole and of course the parts look meaningless, because it’s only once the painting is finished, that the brushstrokes make sense.

So much of the life of faith exists within this very reality. In its parts, it makes no sense - communion, prayer, the characteristics of God, love - all seem absolutely absurd when viewed out of context, but set properly within the whole, they become beautiful pillars of meaning.

Furthermore, what many many Christians fail to consider, is that even the life of faith, the idea of God, and Christianity as a whole, is set within a whole, that being, the entire created cosmos.

Once you see this, God moves from being a distant divine, to an inextricable glue that weaves the entire universe together. A God that doesn’t just show up to Church on the weekend to hear your songs, but moves with you throughout life, within your relationships, at your work, in the wind and sunshine when you’re outside, in your choices.

Faith allows you to see this beautiful concatenation, so that you can align your life to it. Made in the image of God, you can create this continued reality of God within everything you do. When you love, when you help people, when you choose selflessness over selfishness, you reveal God without even uttering the name. Why? Because God is in all.