Break Confirmation Bias

Break Confirmation Bias
Confirmation bias is a feedback loop. You have an implicit bias, giving rise to a thought, which in turn confirms your bias. The key, isn’t to break the bias, but to test the thought against external data, so that the bias has no confirmation.

If you ever wanted a technical explanation of how negative self talk works, this is it. You hold an implicit bias - meaning that it’s a skewed belief based on the fact it’s divorced of any real context. You then have a negative thought that is derived from that implicit bias, which then confirms the very bias from which it manifests.

It is a vicious cycle. It’s also one of the reasons why our isolated culture perpetuates negative and poor mental health.

When you are within a community, that community is data from which you derive your most important value. While you feel inadequate, they show you that you’re capable. While you feel less than, they show you that you’re enough by the giving of the time and energy to the relationship. While you feel hopeless, they provide reasons to keep hoping.

Attacking your bias is a difficult process, but challenging the thoughts that come from them prevent the feedback loop from completing, which suffocates the bias and literally reframed and rewires that substructures that give rise to your thoughts. Soon your thoughts become more positive, more hopeful, more true.